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  • What things should I consider before the session?
    EES activates the body's self-repair system. Even before the first session, it's good to drink a lot of water, because during the EES session, the body's waste products start moving. A healthy diet supports the cleansing of the body without straining the body. When you arrive at our Center, please note that there may still be a previous session in progress. Please put your cell phone on silent or airplane mode. We want to guarantee everyone in the session as peaceful an experience as possible.
  • Does the reservation system reserve a specific seat for me or can I choose a seat myself?
    During the day sessions, there are 7 reclining lounge chairs with footrests. There are 3 beds in the night session. The reservation system randomly reserves one of the lounge chairs for the day session and one of the beds for the night session. However, the numbers of lounge chairs and beds are only necessary for the technical reasons of the booking calendar. You can freely choose any seat that is available. All day session lounge chairs and night session beds are arranged in the space so that they each have the same EES effect.
  • Can I keep my mobile phone in the session?
    We recommend putting your phone on airplane mode during the session so that you can completely relax. If you don't want to put the phone on airplane mode, please keep the phone on silent without vibrating, so that others in the session are not disturbed. If you want, you can listen to calm music or meditation during the session, or just relax.
  • How do I act during the session?
    EESystem technology works best when you close your eyes and relax. The more relaxed you are, the better the body's own self-repair mechanism works.
  • What do I feel during the session?
    Everyone reacts to EESystem individually and the feelings are also personal. However, many have experienced deep relaxation, body tingling, a meditative state, etc., etc. during the session.
  • What if I fall asleep during the session?
    Sleeping during the session is highly recommended. So you don't have to worry about the clock, we'll wake you up when your session ends.
  • Can there be others in the same session or am I alone?
    As well as the. If you reserve one recliner for the day session, there can be a maximum of 6 other people in the session. If you reserve one bed for a night session, there may be 1-2 other people in the same room. Our time reservation allows EES space to be reserved for private or group use. See more detailed booking options: If you are sensitive to sounds, we recommend using earplugs (available from us) or your own noise canceling headphones. You can also borrow a sleep mask from us if necessary.
  • Can I bring my pet to the session?
    Pets are welcome on days reserved for pets. We announce pet days separately on our website under Energy Sessions -> Pets. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media, and you will receive information about upcoming pet days.
  • How many sessions should I attend and how often?
    Everyone's body works in its own way, and we cannot say how often and how many times the sessions should be done. By listening to your own body, you will find a suitable rhythm. However, some kind of regularity is recommended.
  • What kind of sensations can I have after an EES session?
    Everyone's experiences are individual. However, many have reported after the session about sensations such as increased energy, or on the other hand, very deep fatigue for a few days. Old physical symptoms may surface, because the body remembers e.g. old injuries, etc., however, in a good, not distressing, way. Some may experience cleansing reactions (skin symptoms, intestinal reactions, etc.). Others have reported that their mood has improved considerably. All of these are completely natural reactions. Because EESystem is a non-invasive technology, you can safely let the body do its repair work.
  • What are the contraindications / contraindications for the EES energy session?
    There are no contraindications. EES technology is non-invasive.
  • Do I have to bring my own sheets to the night session?
    We have a blanket, pillow, sheets and a hand towel ready for you.
  • What should I pay attention to after the session?
    In general, the waste materials in the body cause headaches, fatigue, muscle and joint pains, indigestion, lethargy, flu-like symptoms, allergies and problems with the cardiovascular system. After EES sessions, it is absolutely important to get waste materials out of the body. From us you can get instructions for detoxification after an EES session.
  • What are lockets and bracelets loaded with EES technology?
    A quantum computer at EESystems headquarters creates a "hypercharge" that can be used to direct scalar waves into lockets and bracelets. Lockets and bracelets carry this hypercharge, which has been proven in laboratory studies to strengthen and improve coherent DNA as well as cell integrity and function. With these hypercharged lockets and Bracelets, you can take with you a little piece of the same scalar technology you experienced in an EESystem session. They help us "stay strong" when exposed to the harmful effects of power lines, cell phones, TV and computer screens, toxins, pollution, jet lag, EMF, ELF, radiation, 5G and microwaves. The EES hypercharge does not decrease over time, but remains in lockets and bracelets forever. You can find medallions and bracelets in our Center.
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