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Retreats and workshops at EES Center

Here you'll find all the upcoming events at our EES Center. Read more about the retreat and the coaches on the right side.

You can sign in the events by sending us an email at

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Coming in autumn 2024:

Seer-healer Jaana Aurinkosalo's full day retreat. Max 12 participants, price 330,- incl. VAT 24%

Tunneklinikka workshops. NLP coach Mika Peltola, max 10 participants, price 80,- incl. VAT 24%

Consiousness workhop, listening to inner wisdom or intuition - Jaana Hautala and Anniina Hukari, price120 € incl.24% VAT

Chakra healing, clairvoyant Carina Hagstöm,  max 9 participants, price 188,- incl. VAT 24%

...and many more!


Seer-healer Jaana Aurinkosalo

Markkinointi kuva Jaana Aurinkosalo.jpg

EES helps to lower stress levels in the body, quieting down the hustle and bustle of the mind. The body's own self-repair mechanism gets room to do its job.

Combined with the guidance of seer-healer Jaana Aurinkosalo, you will experience an unprecedented retreat.

Whole day retreat 10:00-18:00:

Jaana will tell you what is happening in your energy field. For example she can see the memory traces of your trauma nervous system and help to release them. Jaana has the ability to harmonize the frequencies of your thought, mind and emotional levels. He directs you to the points in your body where liberation from mental stress and imaginary or real tensions occurs. The stress state of the body is discharged.

Under Jaana's guidance, you will move towards strengthening and an inner sense of trust and peace.


Whole day retreat (10:00-18:00) Price 330,-, max 12 participants

Day retreat 10:00-14:30:

This four-and-a-half-hour retreat is an intense journey to your inner self. As a seer, Jaana will tell you about your current state in the body, emotional challenges and possible nodes in life.


Together with the EES frequencies and the healing energies conveyed by Jaana, you will receive unique support and the opportunity to experience a gentle and strong, liberating change. Your body's energy level will be strengthened, the calmness and peace of your thoughts and feelings will deepen, and your understanding of the nature of your inner self will become clearer."

Day retreat (10:00-14:30) Price 220,- max 12 participants


Mental coach Mika Peltola

Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 18-47-49 (_nordicquantumenergy) • Ins

Monthly Tunneklinikka workshop at EES Center guided by Mika Peltola.

Mika Peltola (Emotional Clinic): Energy healer and channeler, LCF- Coach, TKT therapist, NLP instructor, hypnosis and mental coach.

Over the past 20 years, Mika has helped people with a wide range of mental problems, difficult life situations and emotional challenges. He has held various workshops, retreats, meditation evenings and trained emotional therapy instructors for several years. Mental and emotional well-being is close to Mika's heart, because it is the foundation of all good life.

Each workshop has its own theme.

Customer feedback on EES / Tunneklinikka workshop:

"Mika's evenings have been empowering and insightful. Mika's way of guiding the group gives everyone the opportunity to come to their own point in the evening to recover and relax."


"Imagining + ees relaxing in the treatment room was a really powerful experience. The energy of the room gave me strength, security and clarity to dive deep into my own mind, emotions and body. A unique experience! "

10 places
Sign up fee: 80€
Sign up:


Breathing Coach Timo Lampen




During my life, I have had the opportunity to experience and learn about health, performance and happiness from many different perspectives, whether as a competitive athlete, at work, as an entrepreneur, as a poker player or as a coach.


In addition, I have continuously educated myself during these more than 30 years, and to this day, the studies of life continue every day.


I've always been fascinated by how we humans learn, whether it's sports or math. Why do some people get stressed, lose their ability to function over a small thing, and others don't? For example, the answers to both of these questions can be found in the programming of our unconscious minds, the levels of brain waves, and how we breathe.


I have had the honour to learn my own style of coaching from the toolbox of numerous top coaches and I can wholeheartedly promise that every person has the opportunity to learn by practicing to be better themselves. Just breathing in a natural way, according to modern science, increases our performance in many ways, improving our health, concentration and sleep. This will get you from a state of stress to a state of peace and rest.

I help people live healthier lives and improve their performance.

Self-examination, breathing naturally and strongly + you can't give a more accurate description when you go in the present according to how you should proceed!!

The retreat takes place in EES mode. I was there yesterday and there is a huge amount of systematic energy coming into the space, so I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen when combined with self-research!!


Price 222 €

15 places


Astrologist Seppo Tanhua

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 11-32-13 - Yhteytesi universumiin.png


Congratulations. You are in the right place at the right time! And best of all, you've been your whole life, as your unique astrological chart tells you.

A high-quality life filled with positive creativity begins with the realization that no human being can and could not have done a single thing wrong. By this moment, you have unconsciously fulfilled your spiritual mission in the perfect right way.

I am astrologer Seppo Tanhua, a member of the Finnish Association of Professional Astrologers. I have been practicing as an astrologer for over 25 years.


For EES-Center, I do astrological interpretations and lead basic and advanced courses in astrology. Sometimes full moon meditation is also broadcast by quantum waves from the EES-Center.

Clairvoyant Carina Hagström



Chakras are a traditional concept in Hindu philosophy and yoga that describes energy centers in the body. There are seven main chakras located along the line of the spine. Each chakra has its own function and impact on a person's physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Chakras are seen as a path towards spiritual development and balance between body, mind and soul. They represent different energies and levels of consciousness that can help a person understand themselves more deeply and achieve holistic well-being.


Clairvoyant Carina Hagström gives 3 days’ Chakra course in the energy space of the EES-Center. The main goal of each course is to receive treatment for the chakras through Carina's clairvoyant channeling.

Carina has been doing clairvoyance channeling since 1998 and is allowed to convey care, help, insight and wisdom from angelic consciousness. The channels are empowering and clear, and Carina has over 30 years of her own understanding of the effects of chakras and is happy to share this knowledge.

During the courses, we will go through basic information about each chakra, how we manifest when there is too much or too little energy in the chakra, and what could be the optimal state for each chakra. Above all, we focus on receiving channeled care for each chakra so that healing and awakening can take place within us from what our state of being is in each chakra.


The channelings are long and meditative and can initiate a new journey of healing and insight in the recipient. And best of all, all of this is happening in the EES Center in a wonderful energy state affecting the consciousness!


Carina herself has already spent close to 80 hours in EES space and finds it to be an extremely powerful field where it is optimal to hold courses.


Before the course, Carina will send you after your payment basic information about the chakras of the day by e-mail, so that you can already mentally prepare for the processing of those chakras. After the course, Carina will send you a summary of the day's activities so that you can focus on receiving treatment on the day of the course.




Saturday 06.04. at 10-15:30

Root and sacral chakra

Price 188,- incl. 24% VAT. Registration by 28.03.


Saturday 27.04. at 10-15:30

Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra

Price 188,- incl. 24% VAT. Registration by 19.04.


Saturday 25.05. at 10-15:30

Throat, forehead, and crown chakra

Price 188,- incl. 24% VAT. Registration by 17.05.



There is a lunch break of about an hour, we recommend bringing your own light lunch.


Please note that normally a 4 hour day session in EES mode costs 240 eur, so

you will enjoy powerful EES energy throughout the course while receiving intensive help through channeling.


Registration or phone 040-5893381 no later than the due date of each course and payment to Carina Hagström FI5421852000134212 or Mobile Pay 0405893381. In the message field: chakra course + course date


The maximum number of participants / course is 9 persons.



EES mode helps you descend into a deep, restorative state of relaxation. It transports you deeply and helps to quieten the buzzing and fast-paced mind. The effect is increased by the initial sound treatment, where the vibration of the sound bowls and other instruments helps your body, mind and heart to recover, to be on one's side. Internally gently massaging and opening.


Humans operate more than 90% of the time on automatic control, under the control of the unconscious mind. Repeating history, yesterday's routines and learned patterns of thinking, reacting and acting. Some of these are working for us as individuals, teams and communities and doing good even in this moment. There is also much that would require stopping, a closer look and conscious choices to act differently. Build a new one.


Hypnosis is a natural state of the body. A state of deep relaxation, where we are naturally in the evening just before falling asleep and in the morning when we are not fully awake yet. In these moments and in this state, it is possible to influence our unconscious mind. We will gently guide you to this state of being. To the deeper layers of yourself. In a positive and good purpose for you. This enables the opening and expansion of your own consciousness in a wonderful way. You have the opportunity to get a stronger connection with your intuition, i.e. your inner wisdom, discover your natural resources and potential and positively influence your own energy management and control of your unconscious mind.


Come and deeply relax in the matrix space that activates the body's natural recovery and self-care mechanisms, i.e. the quantum energy room, and at the same time land under gentle guidance at the edge of your own unconscious mind - gently grow as a person, be on the edge of expanding your own consciousness. These evenings are structured to do good in a very multi-layered way and they combine the decades of know-how and experience of the two instructors.

Your coaches


Jaana Hautala is a very experienced business and mental coach, NLP trainer and information writer. Jaana has written three books about the potential of the mind and well-being. Jaana's passion is psychological coaching - self-knowledge, mental performance, thinking and emotional skills and wise interaction in a rapidly changing environment. He challenges the participants to stop at their own thinking and actions and gives space for the participants' thinking and sharing of experiences.


Jaana's way of training and lecturing is experiential and energetic, and she brings a new kind of vision and practical tips to working life and performance. During the last fifteen years, Jaana has been in hundreds of organizations as a coach, speaker or trainer, developing human competitiveness, where humanity is at the center.


Jaana brings insight to the edge of holistic well-being and brings humanity to life. As an eternal enthusiast, Jaana has studied NLP internationally for 16 years and is also trained as a relaxation and hypnosis instructor and a yoga teacher. Jaana is currently studying more skills in functional neuroscience and systematic family constellation.



Anniina Hukari is an insightful development and change expert, coach and trainer who strongly believes in the potential of organizations, teams and individuals. He helps to clarify the goals and pushes individuals and Teams positively towards them - walking side by side and doing things together. A great passion is building the best operating practices in organizations and, through them, increasing both productivity and well-being at work.


Anniina is a very experienced trainer, facilitator and business coach for managers, teams and management. Anniina has more than 20 years of experience in coaching, training and guiding people. He is a graduate engineer, business coach master (PCC), teacher, hypnotherapist, NLP trainer, Senso Coach and stress management and recovery coach.


As a coach, Anniina's core competences are: learning and the brain in change and development, developing new ways of working and models and putting them into practice, recovery, people's differences, presence and interaction, strengths thinking and the work approach of managers and supervisors. Anniina combines working with the conscious mind with working with the unconscious mind by combining with coaching, if desired, e.g. hypnotherapy.





Listening to inner wisdom, or intuition

Wed 22.5. 18-20


Recovery and strengthening your own strength

Wed 12.6, 18-20


Price €120/evening


Book your place directly here:


Jaana Hautala ja Anniina Hukari

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